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Labeling of ethylenediamine tetramethylene phosphonate with 153Sm and 177Lu, comparison study

Hesham MH Zakaly1, 3, Mostafa Y. A. Mostafa1, 4, M Zhukovsky1, 2

1Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia.

2Institute of Industrial ecology UB RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

3Al-Azhar University, Assiut Branch, Physics Department, Assuit, Egypt.

4Minia University, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, El-Minia, Egypt.

Correspondence: Hesham MH Zakaly (Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia; E-mail:

Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology 2020, 1: 38-44.

Received: 23 Aug 2019 | Accepted: 01 Otc 2020 | Published online: 03 Otc 2020


Background 177Lu and 153Sm are perspective radionuclides in terms of applying to nuclear medicine. High-energy beta particles and the relative half-life of the radionuclide are used to achieve an effective palliative treatment of bone metastases.
Materials and methods The absorbed doses in different organs and tissues of 177Lu and 153Sm in ionic form and labeled with EDTMP are determined by IDAC-Dose 2.1 (Internal Dose Assessment by Computer) software and WinAct software which used to calculate cumulative activity. 177Lu and 153Sm are lanthanide radionuclide which actively accumulates in liver and bone when used in ionic form. In the case of labeling with EDTMP, the distribution and elimination of the drug occur according to the kinetics of a carrier, EDTMP. The using of osteotropic (Describing any drug etc. that is attracted to, and targets bone) complex allows creating a large dose in the pathological areas and minimizing damages in healthy organs and tissues.
Results The effective dose per administered activity is 0.189 mSv/MBq for 177Lu-ionic form, 0.232 mSv/MBq for 153Sm-ionic form and 0.242 mSv/MBq for 177Lu-EDTMP and 0.139 mSv/MBq for 153sm-EDTMP.
Conclusion 177Lu and 153Sm labeled with EDTMP are decreasing the liver dose absorption and increasing the bone surface absorption for more effective treatment and minimize side effects.

Key words 153Sm, 177Lu, EDTMP, IDAC-Dose 2.1, radiopharmaceuticals labeled