Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology

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  • Associations between KRAS status and clinical features in non-polyp colon cancer patients

    Cuong Hoang Minh, Huong Bui Thi Thu ... Thang Vu Hong

    Background Mutations of the KRAS gene are common in cancers; they are detected at a very high rate in colon cancer (CC) and are considered a negative disease factor. CC is among the deadliest cancers in Vietnam, and KRAS status for non-polyp colon cancer (NPCC) was rarely reported from the country. In this study, we aim to determine KRAS mutations and the associations of mutation status with clini...

    RESEARCH | Published: 29 Jun 2023

    Annals of Urologic Oncology, Articles, Online First

    Pages: 10-16   PDF(1008KB)

  • Characteristics and outcomes of patients with small cell lung cancer - findings from a New Zealand SACT database

    Ross Lawrenson, Ha Nguyen ... Ian Kennedy

    Background Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) SCLC generally presents late and is treated with systemic anti-cancer treatment (SACT). Māori are over represented in Lung Cancer statistics but disparities between Māori and non-Māori in patterns of care and survival from SCLC have not been previously reported. Methods We used the custom-built SACT database collected by the Oncology Department at Waikato ...

    RESEARCH | Published: 10 Feb 2023

    Annals of Urologic Oncology, Articles, Online First

    Pages: 1-9   PDF(815KB)