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  • Progress in research and treatment of immune checkpoints in breast cancer

    Xinyi Zhang, Jie Wang, Kaiyuan Zhou

    Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor among women often involving the toxicity of conventional chemotherapy alongside organ-specific side effects. As immunotherapeutic agents in anti-tumor, new immune checkpoints are constantly being dug and discovered. The role of immune checkpoint inhibitors in the process of tumor immune evasion has assumed increasing significance. Currently, clinic...

    REVIEW | Published: 08 Apr 2024

    Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology, Articles, Online First

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  • Research progress of perioperative immunotherapy for locally advanced gastric cancer

    Shanbo Ma, Wei Zhang ... Hongbo Jiang

    Gastric cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease, and its occurrence and development are the result of genetic factors, environmental factors, and host factors. As one of the main types of cancer in China, radical gastrectomy is the only chance for patients to be cured, but only 50% to 60% of initially diagnosed gastric cancer patients are suitable for radical gastrectomy, especially in locally ad...

    REVIEW | Published: 08 Mar 2024

    Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology, Articles, Online First

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